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Infield Mix

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MSU Fielder's Choice Infield Mix with Pro-Bond

MSU Fielder's Choice Infield Mix consists of crushed-screened 2mm minus Gold Decomposed Granite. The Mix has a combined silt and clay content of 18-22%. The MSU infield mix is pre-blended with Pro-Bond, a 100% organic binder. Binder is a great addition to infield playing surfaces because it allows for proper water retention and better play, thus, making your field a superior playing surface.

MSU All Star Mix with Pro-Bond

The MSU All Star Infield Mix is our premium blend, it is designed for the customer that not only wants a performance infield, but wants the major league look. The mix has a combined silt and clay content of 30-40%. With the addition of Red Clay and Red Cinders to this mix, the finished product yields a more traditional look.

MSU Sport Mix

We designed the Sport Mix for customers on a budget. The MSU Sport Mix has a blend of 2mm Gold DG with fine Red Clay. The key to our Sport Mix blend is the utilization of Clay, instead of brick dust. The key to a good field is water absorption. Brick dust is simply what it says, DUST! After being fired at 2,000 degrees, any molecule that once was, is no more. Brick dust will not allow for any absorption of water, hence a poor playing surface.

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